CEA Strategic Initiative Committees

S.T.E.M. INITIATIVE (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math)

To build a sustainable foundation in our community that will establish Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) as a REGIONAL IMPERATIVE aligned with the national S.T.E.M. priority. The STEM focus provides an avenue to effectively address ALL of the CEA strategic areas: (i) education, (ii) economic development/entrepreneurship and (iii) culture/history.

This initiative will provide education and employment opportunities in the short-term for young people pursuing a STEM field of study; provide an educated and trained pool of talent from which regional businesses can draw to pursue their growth opportunities; and provide educated and trained STEM professionals the option to pursue an entrepreneurial venture. One of the central facets of this initiative will help students and their families become aware that S.T.E.M. careers are neither beyond their reach nor their ability. It will effectively communicate that with commitment and hard work on their behalf, there are resources available to help them achieve a successful career in any S.T.E.M field.


This is a community-driven forum with the purpose to motivate, inspire, and inform middle school students and their parents about the importance of higher education and the opportunities it affords. This multi-faceted annual event incorporates career readiness, access to resources for higher education and introduces the family to the university environment. This event integrates many community and university organizations and their resources focused on providing tangible life and academic readiness tools.


All stakeholders in El Paso must be made aware of and support the critical need to raise academic policy standards in our local high schools in order to improve the quality of life in our community by creating greater educational capacity to compete economically. Research illuminates the direct correlation regarding educational attainment and income earnings. In the middle of the 20th Century, El Paso was above the national average in both education and compensation levels. The nature of the change is to establish policy regarding “college readiness” for high school graduates containing accountability growth metrics. The policy change desired is initially focused formatively at the local ISD level with a summative goal of influencing and enhancing state public policy through the State Board of Education and/or the Legislature.


This initiative will help protect and enhance the cultural contributions of early settlers in the area by focusing efforts around the Ysleta, Socorro and San Elizario missions. Ensuring the recognition of early Spanish, Mexican and Native American people, this will provide a foundation for sustaining the cultural heritage of generations to follow. In concert with the repair and maintenance of these facilities the intent is to collaborate with regional entities to develop expand tourism around the Mission Trail and provide economic development for small- to medium-sized business in the community. This effort will also draw from nationally recognized local artists and artisans that will enhance trade in the immediate area as well as the entire region.