Mission And Vision

Defining Our Value-Driven Identity

The purpose of CommUNITY en Acción is to instill Hispanic pride, unity and leadership and have a positive impact on the El Paso region by engaging in “value-driven” initiatives through a cohesive network of Hispanic community leaders.

In the word CommUNITY, the word UNITY has purposefully been bolded and capitalized. It’s our organization’s way of emphasizing the fact that we understand it takes UNITY within the community and region to get things done! Our work is never done, we will continue to build and promote coalitions with like-minded groups and individuals throughout this region.Our agenda is simple: Help wherever the issue fits our mission. It’s people like you bringing us diversity in talents that allows us the assurance of success in our Mission.

To be at our best in this organization it takes YOU finding what you are passionate about!